Win The Future (2021)

CTC Win The Future (2021)

one month ago 42 Episode Chinese Drama Ongoing
Other Names:
输赢 Shu Ying LOSE&WIN Lose and Win Dream Of A Salesman
Synopsis: In the business world competing for orders from the bank and sprinting sales targets with the background of two major companies fighting the Chinese market. A successful sales director is transferred to the company’s headquarters in Beijing together with his wife and trustworthy subordinate. There, he’s surrounded by pressures forced upon him by his new boss. He’s given an impossible sales target to reach and must win a big order from his competitor. Ironically, their sales leader was his first love. Adapted from the novel 输赢 by Fu Yao. Original Network: Tencent Video; iQiyi; Youku; ZJTV; BTV; Director: Zhang Li [张黎]


Total has 42 episode


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