The Best Friend (2021)

CTC The Best Friend (2021)

19 days ago 23 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
最好的朋友 ; Zui Hao De Peng You, Best of Friends
Synopsis: It depicts a group of friends with different personalities and backgrounds, that met in university in 2008. Freshman Shao Nian met Lin Xiao because of a misunderstanding. He hoped they could be good friends because they share the same hobbies, but faced rejection each time. Lin Xiao has a high self-esteem while Shao Nian has a very straightforward personality. The mysterious Wu Minghao captured “tiger girl” Xie Tingfeng’s heart. He is considerate but actually tends to politely keep everyone else at arm’s length. After many absurd situations, these classmates gradually became friends in a story that depicts their warm and beautiful university life.


Total has 23 episode


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