Rasen no Meikyu: DNA Kagaku Sosa (2021)

CTC Rasen no Meikyu: DNA Kagaku Sosa (2021)

one month ago 7 Episode Japanese Drama Ongoing
Other Names:
らせんの迷宮 らせんの迷宮~DNA科学捜査~ Spiral Labyrinth – DNA Forensic Investigation
Synopsis: In Tokyo, a murderer leaves his signature, an `X`on the dead body. When found, the mark appears eerily similar to that of the one seen on the body of the dead wife of Detective Genji Ando. Banned from the investigation, he secretly reaches out to Jin Jinbo, an associate professor at the medical school`s genome analysis lab. Who better than a DNA expert to identify this potential serial killer? Original Network: TV Tokyo; Director: Iwamoto Hitoshi [岩本仁志]


Total has 7 episode


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