Naughty Princess (2021)

CTC Naughty Princess (2021)

27 days ago 25 Episode Chinese Drama Ongoing
Other Names:
小主别闹, Little Lord, Don’t Make Trouble, Xiao Zhu Bie Nao, 小主別鬧
Synopsis: When the city of Dan falls, Princess Dan Li is “accidentally” injured by her unreliable childhood friend Su Mu. By chance, she meets Emperor Zhaoyuan Qin Yu, who cures her, and is banished to a limbo because of flattering the Emperor. In the end, with the help of her enthusiastic but clumsy friends, including the loyal wizard and attendants, the love story between an absent-minded princess in distress and an arrogant and poker-faced emperor unfolds. ~~ Adapted from the novel “Dian Shang Huan” (殿上欢) by Mu Fei (沐非).


Total has 25 episode


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