JK kara Yarinaosu Silver Plan (2021)

CTC JK kara Yarinaosu Silver Plan (2021)

19 days ago 1 Episode Japanese Drama Ongoing
Other Names:
JKからやり直すシルバープラン JK kara Yarinaosu Shirubapuran Silver Plan to Start Over From JK Silver Plan to Redo from JK
Synopsis: An arrogant young lady who turned from a rich man to a lonely middle-aged homeless person restarts her life from high school for a happy old age. Adapted from the manga series “JK kara Yarinaosu Silver Plan” (JKからやり直すシルバープラン) written by Lim Dall Young (임달영) and illustrated by Lee Hye Sung (이혜성). Original Network: TV Tokyo;


Total has 1 episode


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