Fighting Girl (2022)

CTC Fighting Girl (2022)

13 days ago 24 Episode Chinese Drama Completed
Other Names:
加油呀! 茉莉 Jia You Ya Mo Li Moli Fighting
Synopsis: Story of a young girl named Mo Li, who faces obstacles such as the withdrawal of her fashion partner, Cao Yao Yin and breaking up with her boyfriend, Pei Jing on her journey of chasing dreams and finding her true self-worth. Then, she befriends a rich dessert shop owner, Gao Ziyi who always give her, his support, encouragement and love. Under the guidance of Japanese designer Miyazaki, her talents in fashion managed to shine even brighter in the international competition. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Jin Jiao Xi Yu (金蕉细雨). Director: Lin Shui Jing [蔺水净]


Total has 24 episode


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