Call It What You Want (2021)

CTC Call It What You Want (2021)

10 months ago 6 Episode Thailand Drama Completed
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Call It What You Want is film series about the BL industry following the director, James, who was cheated on by his boyfriend. In the middle of the process of the film, in which James had planned for a long time, the film got cancelled. He was depressed for a while until P’Tee called him and wanted James to collaborate with him in his new series “2 Night” to which James agreed. At the MTH production company he met Bas and Ait, the lead actors in the new series that he was working on; they both were under pressure from the agency regarding the way they have to act and what they have to eat. We’ll also follow the hardships which Bas and Ait have to encounter in the BL industry. Meanwhile, James’ friend, Marco, a Taiwanese model who has been staying in Thailand for a couple of years now, has been in love with James for a while, but decided not to confess his feelings, instead deciding to take care of his friend.
One of James’ jobs was to to give the boys acting lessons and by doing


Total has 6 episode


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