A Person Similar To You (2021)

CTC A Person Similar To You (2021)

10 months ago 5 Episode Korean Drama Ongoing
Other Names:
너를 닮은 사람, 아무도 사랑하지 않았다, Amudo Saranghaji Anhassda, Nobody Loved, I Didn`t Love Anyone, Person Who Looks Like You, A Pers
Hee-Joo had a poor and fierce time during her youthful days. She is now a successful painter and essayist. Her husband is the successor of a hospital and they have two children. Her family life seems enviable, but Hee-Joo feels like she spends her time meaninglessly. At that time, Hee-Joo meets a woman. The woman is poor, just like Hee-Joo in her younger days, but she still shines.
Director: Im Hyeon Wook [임현욱]


Total has 5 episode


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